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Baby Sleep music

After several requests, we have finally put together a complete playlist of baby sleep music for you and your baby. All the music is written by Christian instrumental and ambient artists and the reflective and soothing nature of the music is perfect for your baby or little ones. In this playlist your will find over 2 hours of Christian instrumental music to encourage sleep from artists alongside Salt Of The Sound including Elskavon, Sleeping At Last, Sleepaholics, Antarctic Wastelands, Stelliform, Carinthia, Hammock, Tony Anderson and many more.

This playlist is the perfect calming accompaniment for times of rest, so let the gentle sounds soothe them at any time of day or night with our Christian baby sleep playlist!

Looking for calming music to soothe you during your labour and birth? We’ve been told that this music works well in the delivery room too!

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posted by Anita Tatlow on September 16, 2018 in Inspiration

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