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DJ Efechto Tribute Concert & Fundraiser December 4 in Los Angeles

Breaking news that Propaganda, Swoope, and many other artists and DJs are coming together to do a concert to celebrate the life of DJ Efechto on December 4th from noon to 6pm in Lakewood, California.

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ticket options
“I’m comin”: $10 entry
“I’m comin & I wanna give more” : Entry w/ Donation of any amount.
“I can’t come but I wanna help: a donation of any amount
“I’m comin & I wanna be a blessing” entry + gift to Madukes for unfinished projects $50

— Prop (@prophiphop) November 29, 2018

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Everyone who has come in contact with Ron Sararana (Dj Efechto) knows his gentle spirit and generosity is unmatched. Now we have the opportunity to show that same generosity towards his family as we celebrate his life. Donate here:

— Humble Beast (@humblebeast) November 29, 2018

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