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    Billboard.com Exclusively Premieres SWITCHFOOT’S ‘Let It Happen’ Music Video

    Billboard.com exclusively premieres SWITCHFOOT’s powerful music video for “Let It Happen,” the fourth instant grat track available to fans who pre-order the band’s album, Native Tongue, available January 18 via Fantasy Records. The music video celebrates the brotherhood of the GRAMMY® award-winning rock band with footage from their 20-plus year career. To watch the music video and read an interview with frontman Jon Foreman, click HERE. “We are a band of brothers. We’ve weathered many storms together, and I’m sure there’s more to come. But music has always been where we find our voice, our way to sing back into the storm. In a volatile world of uncertainty, this…

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    God’s Competence in Clay Pots

    Published October 13, 2018 Hear God’s Word for you in 2 Corinthians 4:7. “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.“ Your Father wants you to be completely whole in belonging and worth, in identity and legitimacy. Be blessed to know without question what a treasure you are to Him. Be blessed to live as the special treasure you are. As you know who you are, you will understand the “why” of what you do. Be blessed with knowing your purpose and the specific blessings that God has stored up for you. Be blessed in the…

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    Christian Mobile App Offers Daily Scripture/Meditation – CCM Magazine

    London, England (January 25, 2019) One in three people suffers from sleep deprivation…three out of four feel the physical effects of stress…and one in five suffers from anxiety. In a time when symptoms of stress, anxiety and general life dissatisfaction plague our society, Soultime, a Christian meditation app, is encouraging people to set aside daily moments for spiritual connection and meditation on the Word of God. The Soultime App has many features designed to encourage and support inner-healing and connection including guided Scripture meditations, Bible readings, classic hymns arranged with soothing instrumentals, ambient sounds like running water, waves and wind, and sleep…

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    Joyful Praise and Worship songs

    Video:Channel:Angel911Duration:0:0Description:Joyful Praise and Worship songs. Popular joyful Christian songs to uplift, encourage and inspire you.tags:Happy Birthday to You, Happy birthday to you song, most popular happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday to you

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    Don’t Self-Sabotage Your Own Christmas

    Sisters, I’m going to admit something ugly here. This is a safe space, right? Lean in close so I don’t have to speak these words above a whisper: I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. There, I said it. (Please don’t judge.) Since we’re being honest, can you relate to this feeling? It makes me feel like a bad person to harbor any ambivalence about a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ — the most important event in all of human history — so I’ve analyzed the source of those feelings and ways to push past them to more fully enjoy the season. What I’ve…

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    Jon’s Future Favorite: Riley Clemmons “Silent Night”

    Special Editions Rich Mullins Tribute Special One of our most requested specials is the tribute we’ve aired about the late, great Rich Mullins. You can listen to the show using the player … [Read More…] Rich Mullins Video Rich Mullins Bonus Videos 20 The Countdown Magazine has secured exclusive permission to show two wonderful Rich Mullins films. The first is Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of … watch now Broadcasters Want To Air The Show? 20 airs on great radio stations all over the world including AM and FM signals, satellites and networks and online outlets. To carry the show on your … Continue Reading Source

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    Standing on the Great and Precious Promises of God

    The promises of God work. They work! Search until you find covenants that address your needs. Clutch them as the precious pearls they are. And when the enemy comes with his lies of doubt and fear, produce the pearl. Satan will be quickly silenced. He has no reply for truth. Russell Kelso Carter committed himself to believe the promises of God in the Bible. His decision to trust God in the midst of great difficulty gave birth to a hymn that’s still sung today. My favorite stanza says: “Standing on the promises that cannot fail, when the howling storms of doubt and fear assail, by the living Word of God…

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    CCM Artist Christmas Song Videos – CCM Magazine

    CCM artist Christmas song videos: Hannah Kerr grants 6-year-olds Christmas wish: Mark Schultz | ‘Different Kind of Christmas’ Mark Schultz performs his original Christmas song ‘Different Kind of Christmas,’ dedicating it to anyone who’s holiday may be missing something this year. Share this with someone who needs to hear it this Christmas season. #CCMmag Posted by CCM Magazine on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 Hannah Kerr – ‘Christmas Eve in Bethlehem’: Hannah Kerr | ‘Christmas Eve in Bethlehem’ Hannah Kerr performed an original Christmas song for us this weekend at an intimate living room concert. The song is the title track from her…