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Loving Each Other Well by Praying Together


One of the ways we love one another well is to pray for each other. On this National Day of Prayer, we want to link arms to pray for and with each other, to become one voice in unity. We are always better when we do things together, and this applies to prayer too!

We love this prayer Deidra wrote — a prayer for the girlfriends among us and for ourselves. Let’s pray this prayer, and afterwards, leave your own prayer requests in the comments and pray for the commenters above you.

Joining hands with you today,
The (in)courage Team

This is a prayer for the girlfriends among us, Lord.

You knew we’d need each other and that we would rock the whole girlfriend thing. So thank You for the friends who have our back and rub our feet and Vox or text at just the right time with just the right words. You knew we’d thrive with the whole friendship thing.

But You also knew we’d underestimate the power of a group of women who love each other, gathered together to love or to serve or to pull up to a table and plan a movement with a plate of nachos to share among us.

So forgive us, Lord. Forgive us when we miscalculate and fail to move outside our safe spaces. Forgive us when we build teams of “us and them.” Forgive us when we rationalize our way out of befriending the woman You have placed in our path to love and to love well.

Give us soft voices when peace and hope seem far away. Give us clear voices when injustice and abuse and discrimination threaten to steal the love and grace You’ve promised. Don’t let us turn away when it’s clear You’re calling us to step up.

Transform us by Your Word, which is alive and has the power to make us whole again, to make us one.

Make us generous people, Lord. Let us be willing to lay down our life for our sister and the people she loves. Regardless of her faith or status or race or culture or beliefs or record or language or orientation, let us love her well, Lord. Renew us by the power of Your Spirit, so that concern for the well-being of our neighbor loosens the death grip we’ve got on our very own lives.

Give us a love that works for girls’ night out but also for stepping out of our comfort zones. Infuse us with the power of Your unconditional love. Make us the revolutionaries we’ve been waiting for.

Let there be no one left behind, looked over, locked out, or let go, Lord. Give us a keen eye for those on the margins; teach us to join them there, until the margins become mainstream.

We know you are counting on us, Lord, to be the Body of Christ. In You, we have what it takes to push back the darkness. In You, we have what it takes to be ambassadors of reconciliation and builders of bridges.

Deliver us from the wrong thinking we’ve gotten used to. Help us to see others the way you do. Forgive us when we fail to see the imago dei — the image of God — in every single person we meet, even the one who gets on our very last nerve.

You knew we would rock the girlfriend thing.

Let us be bold and courageous. Give us a relentless desire to be agents of unity. When divisive conversations surface, make us grace-filled and strategic squelchers of polarization.

Let the love of Christ dwell in us richly. Let it overwhelm us and flow through us so that light overcomes the darkness in our homes, our communities, our schools, our workplaces, our churches, and our cities and towns.

When we come to the end, Lord, let there be no regret about the lessons You taught us. Let there be no doubt that it was worth it. Let us be thankful that You didn’t let us settle for small and easy love.

Lord, we will be careful to give You the praise. For your glory, always.

And all God’s people said, “Amen.”

We know you are counting on us, Lord, to be the Body of Christ. – @deidrariggs // Join @incourage today for the #nationaldayofprayer: Click To Tweet