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30+ Beautiful Easter Worship Songs for 2019


Easter worship songs are continually getting a makeover, with more and more artists revamping classic hymns and writing new contemporary music focused on this important season. So we have been researching to compile a new list of awesome Easter music and we’re super excited to share with you a selection of our favourite Easter worship songs for 2019. We hope you find something new!

You can also listen to a two hour-long playlist of the Easter music featured here on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer:

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NEW FOR 2019! 1. Phil Wickham – Living Hope

Genre: Worship

Released in August last year, this new

Phil Wickham

song has made its way into repertoire of church worship teams worldwide and speaks the Easter message of victory and hope with great triumphance!

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NEW FOR 2019! 2. Hillsong – The Passion

Genre: Worship

If you are looking for a worship anthem then maybe The Passion by


is the perfect song for your Easter worship set! While Hillsong’s version is a large production, featuring many musicians and backing tracks, the bridge and chorus alone works really well in a more acoustic setting and could be a great addition to any worship service, both during the Lenten season and on Easter Sunday.

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3. Matt Maher – The Cross Forever Speaks

Genre: Worship

In recent times,

Matt Maher

has written some of the most loved worship music out there. This time last year he topped our Easter playlist with the song ‘Because He Lives (Amen)’ and this year he provides a brand new Easter anthem with ‘The Cross Forever Speaks’! This song has become a ‘go-to’ worship song for us and encapsulates the Easter story perfectly.

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4. Matt Redman – It Is Finished

Genre: Worship

Matt Redman

continues to write relevant and transferrable worship music for the church and his latest release ‘Glory Song’ is full of worship anthems with a bit of a celtic edge, inspiring us to raise our voices in praise for Easter and beyond.

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5. Zach Williams – Chain Breaker (album)

Genre: Singer/Songwriter/Rock

Perhaps not the most obvious choice when you first think of Easter worship songs but we do like to think outside the box!

Zach Williams

’ lyrics throughout the album lend themselves perfectly to the Easter message. While the title track ‘Chain Breaker’ is a perfect song to be sung around Easter Sunday, some of the more reflective songs including ‘To The Table’ would be the perfect addition for

Lenten worship

and devotions in 2019.

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NEW FOR 2019! 6. Michael W. Smith – Surrounded

Genre: Worship

We love this latest worship album offering from

Michael W. Smith

– and so many of these songs work perfectly in both a worship and an Easter context. The Easter medley Washed Away / Nothing But The Blood, and his version of the contemporary worship song Do It Again are perfect examples of how to and bring together powerful worship songs in a new and fresh way.

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7. Salt Of The Sound – Lent, Vol. 1

Genre: Ambient Worship

This 3-track release contains our original song ‘Lamb of God’ alongside reimagined versions of two beautiful hymns, perfect for the Lent and Easter seasons of 2019!

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8. Audrey Assad – Even Unto Death & Inheritance (album)

Genre: Worship / Acoustic

Audrey Assad

has to be one of my favourite singer-songwriters and worship leaders. Her recent work really focusses on the cross, the resurrection and really encompasses the spirit and worshipful celebration of Easter. Her album Inheritance contains a collection of beautifully re-worked hymns and is really worth a listen for your personal worship and collective worship this Easter.

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NEW FOR 2019! 9. Casting Crowns – Only Jesus

Genre: Worship / Rock

From their most recent release,

Casting Crowns

seem to be harking back to some of the classic sounds and lyrics that we have come to know and love them for! With perfect Easter themes, both the songs Only Jesus and The Bridge are great Easter worship songs for 2019!

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Monday Morning Meditations

Monday Morning Meditations is a weekly email-based reflection from Salt of the Sound. Through music, visuals, and a short text to meditate on, we hope that this will allow you to stop, breathe and start your week refreshed.

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10. Newsboys – Hallelujah For The Cross (album)

Genre: Pop / Rock

As a worship leader, I often find myself looking for new music for worship services, and it’s easy to forget how good some old favourite hymns can be for our congregation, especially when given an effective modern twist. These are songs that everyone has grown up with and knows so well. As inspiration, have a listen to the album ‘Hallelujah for the Cross’ by


. In fact, we believe so strongly in the effectiveness of giving a makeover to traditional hymns and worship songs, that we have dedicated an entire article and playlist of our favourite

modern and re-worked traditional hymns


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11. Rend Collective – Nailed To The Cross

Genre: Indie / Worship

There has been a real buzz surrounding the latest release from

Rend Collective

, and Nailed To The Cross would work well in either an Easter or a communion context. The repetitive nature of the chorus lends itself well to congregational singing, and the simple but effective chord progression makes it playable for a wide configuration of worship bands.

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12. Rend Collective – Joy Of Our Lord

Genre: Folk / Worship

From their previous release, this song remains as relevant as ever for Easter and we love love their musical style and creativity, as well as their meaningful lyrical messages. From their 2015 album As Family We Go we have included the songs ‘Your Royal Blood’ and ‘Joy Of The Lord’.

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NEW FOR 2019! 13. Shane & Shane – Hymns Live

Genre: Worship

This brand new 2019 release from

Shane & Shane

is nothing short of incredible. They possess a huge gift in taking both contemporary worship songs and hymns, and arranging them in a way that is not only beautiful but a fantastic inspiration for church worship teams. To mix things up and remind ourselves how powerful hymns can be played, we included this version of How Great Thou Art as well as their version of the contemporary hymn In Christ Alone.

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14. Kari Jobe – Forever

Genre: Worship

This, in my opinion, is one of the best songs released by worship leader

Kari Jobe

. While this version clearly uses a huge live worship band, it could also work well in a more acoustic style. ‘Forever’ definitely allows for heartfelt worship and remains to be a key Easter anthem that we see coming back year after year.

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BONUS! Hezekiah Walker – Every Praise (video by Everton Reid)

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