Listen To Skillet’s Brand New Single “Anchor” And Watch The Lyric Video Now!

Do we have any Skillet fans in the house? If so you’re going be excited about the news we have for you. As many of you probably have heard Skillet recently announced that their upcoming studio album Victorious will be releasing on August 2 and today the band released another brand new song which happens to be their new Christian single called “Anchor,” along with a special lyric video to go with it. Check it out below!

I meet a lot of fans and parents who say, ‘This world is changing so quickly and is getting confusing and I don’t know how to find God in my day to day life and I don’t know how to trust God in my day to day life.’ As the parent of two teenage kids, I know how crazy the world is getting and it is so easy to be thrown to and fro on all these waves of doubt and looking for hope and truth in the midst of that. In our world, everything is going to be changing except for Jesus. Jesus is faithful and Jesus is true, the bible says. I hope this song is an encouragement to people who are looking for hope. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life,’ so he will anchor you in these times of doubt. He will never leave you or forsake you and he will always be faithful for you. He is our Anchor.” – John Cooper (Skillet)

From the upcoming album Victorious.